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Life is better when it's
lived with good friends.

Jesus knew this. He spent the better part of his ministry with 12 friends. And that model carried over to the New Testament church which met in various homes, with everyone "sharing all that they had." (Acts 2). That's why you'll find the majority of our people connected with a SHARE group.

SHARE groups are...

safe places you can share both your successes and struggles with people who genuinely care for you and won't judge you.

supportive places where you'll be encouraged and challenged as you seek to ask the difficult questions about faith, marriage and parenting, God's will and more.

scriptural places where the Bible is our foundation and guide for rightly relating to God, to oneself and to others.

Our SHARE groups are led by trained lay pastors; people like you that work hard at their jobs, seek to prioritize their families and have a need for God to be integrated into their lives.


We have groups for marrieds, singles, men only, women only, youth and a combination of all of the above. Our groups always welcome new members. It's great to get connected. Come join a group and discover the joy of community.

See a list of our SHARE Groups, when and where they meet.