Kevin and Rachel

Central Asia 

Pray that God would bless and enrich their growing relationships with their neighbors, friends and new acquaintances. Pray for casual conversations to lead to spiritual discussions. That they would remain sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit as they live out their daily lives. That they remain open to all that God wants to do in and through them. Pray also for their team as they continue on visits with their partners.

J* & P*

Major European City
Pray for safety as they share the Gospel with Muslims in a major European city. For continued courage and boldness as God provides opportunities to share the love of Jesus with their friends and neighbors. For the Muslims they lead to Christ: courage to tell their friends and families, and protection as they do so. 

Scott & Diane

Eastern Europe
Pray for God to strengthen their faith and connection to Him and to each other. Pray for gospel accessibility for the lost in their city of 2 million where for every 65,000 people there is one evangelical church. Pray for their IMB team that has worked to help plant 3 new churches in their city. Pray that God would continue to open the doors for them to serve in this cold and dark country.