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Associate Lead Pastor Position


Meadowbrook Church in Redmond, Washington is seeking an Associate Lead Pastor to serve as a member of our professional staff with the view of becoming the Sr. Pastor after a defined mentoring period (approximately 12 to 18 months). As Associate Lead Pastor your focus will be on overseeing strategy and leadership for Discipleship (small groups) and Family Ministries while preparing with our current Sr. Pastor and leadership team for transition to the Sr. Pastor role.

Meadowbrook Church is a 30-year-old dynamic, warm community of believers on Seattle’s eastside. We exist to worship God as we love and equip all people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ who enjoy Him forever. We value collaboration and partner with local and global churches and ministries to advance the work of the Gospel.

Duties & Responsibilities:

1. Oversee Meadowbrook’s Discipleship Ministries
     a. Enlist and coach Group Leaders, Men’s Ministry & Women’s Ministry Leaders
     b. Guide the formation & promotion of small groups; enlist group participants

2. Enlist and coach Ministry Directors for Nursery/Preschool, Meadowbrook K!Ds, and Student Ministry (Family Ministries)
     a. Assist the Directors with enlisting volunteers.
     b. Oversee the creation and implementation of outreach efforts to the community via events for children, students and their families, that also deepen relational connection within those age groups.
     c. Ensure background screening of all volunteers for children and students.

3. Biblical Teaching
     a. Teach in Meadowbrook worship gatherings at least once a month and small groups regularly.
     b. Regularly teach in training leaders.

4. Biblical Counseling
     a. Provide informal and formal biblical counsel as called upon.
     b. Make counseling referrals.

5. Be a “servant leader” in the ministry of Meadowbrook Church.


Our ideal candidate aspires to be a lead pastor who will be proficient with vision casting (enabling leaders to see the preferable future for the church); able to enlist, coach and encourage leaders; experienced with strategic thinking and planning, including coaching leaders to think and plan; functional in administrative ability and capable of growing in excellence in teaching and preaching.


He will be a growing Jesus-follower with a teachable spirit and a healthy family life. Preferably he will have a graduate degree in theology or ministry with at least 5 years of pastoral experience. He meets “elder qualifications” as described in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1. He must be a self-starter and have a record of making disciples of Jesus.


The Associate Lead Pastor will report to the current Senior Pastor who will serve as immediate supervisor while mentoring the Associate Lead Pastor for transition to Sr. Pastor. Ultimate accountability is to the elders of Meadowbrook Church.


Full-time salary and benefits package will be in keeping with the cost of living in Redmond and the experience of the candidate.


Please send resumes and inquiries to “ ”.