Advent is a time of waiting. Kids wait expectantly to open gifts. We wait in lines. We wait for the warmth of the sun. We wait for a new year to begin. We wait for help. We wait for courage. We wait for light to break through the darkness. And yet, tired of waiting, done with feeling helpless and needy, we often numb ourselves with busyness and shopping, Hallmark movies and comfort food. We find ways to cope with the unease we feel in the midst of waiting. But what if we stop and ask what we’re truly waiting for? And what if we slow down enough this season to see how God might show up in the waiting? This advent, we’ll see how Christmas is the story of waiting for God to meet our deepest longings and what He does when we wait for Him.

November 27, 2022

Waiting in Silence

Speaker: Scott Brewer Series: Waiting Passage: Luke 1:5–25, Luke 1:57–80