Transformation: God is Changing the World

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Transformation: God is Changing the World

November 11th • The Blindside - Surprised by God
Is there anything that truly surprises you? Was there a gift, a job promotion or loss, or a relationship change that blindsided you so that you didn’t see it coming? Learn more about how God can and does surprise us with His grace, movement and activities.

November 18th • The Inside—Shaped by God
Everything is impacted or “shaped” by something. The environment, economy, and communities are all shaped by various factors. So it is with the human life. The question is, “What or who will be the primary factor that shapes your life?”

November 25 • The Flipside—Straying from God
Rivers have a current that causes its water and anything in the water to flow in a common direction. Culture likewise has a current that causes people to flow in a common direction unless people are extraordinarily empowered to flow against the current. Christ-followers are so empowered but drift with cultural current when there is spiritual lapse.

November 18, 2012

The INSIDE - Shaped by God

Series: Transformation: God is Changing the World Topic: Changing the World Passage: 1 Thessalonians 4–5