Living Wisely in Foolish Times

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Living Wisely in Foolish Times

May 20th • Wisdom for Life from God's Ways
The pace of life and developments in technology necessitate adaptation and life change more quickly than ever. Understanding the times and having wisdom for navigating through culture are essential. Discover how the “fear of the Lord” results in living well in our day.

May 27th • Wisdom for Life from God's Word
Life is full of issues: health, economics, relationships, morality, decision making, evil, injustice and many more. God’s Word addresses life’s issues so that it is not only relevant but profound. Discover how the Bible is significantly more than a “rule book” but the revelation of God for living life to the full.

June 3rd • Wisdom for Life from Wise Men
The biblical book of Proverbs is also known as a wisdom book. It is a collection of pithy statements from wise men of old who were inspired by God. A steady diet of Proverbs will incline your heart to the wisdom that originates from the Lord.

June 10th • Wisdom for the Times
There is a time for everything. Do you know what time it is? Are you living according to time? When time is up will you have any regrets? Find the wisdom you need for the time you live.

June 17th • Wisdom for Life from Evil Rulers

June 24th • Wisdom for Life from Reluctant Prophets
God’s will is not only powerful, it is unstoppable. If God wills something it will come to pass. Is there anything that God has willed to which you are resistant or even opposing? If so then you’ll want to glean some wisdom from a reluctant prophet.

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Jun 24


June 24, 2012

Wisdom for Life from Reluctant Prophets

Passage: Jonah 1–4 Series: Living Wisely in Foolish Times