Grace: God is Gifting Us

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Grace: God is Gifting Us

December 2 • “God Gives EXTRAVAGANT Gifts”
Have you received or given an extravagant gift? How did it make you feel? Extravagance often stirs feelings of excessiveness or even wasteful. What does it mean that God gives extravagant gifts and how should we feel about that?

December 9 • “God Gives EXPENSIVE Gifts”
Many gift-givers take pride in procuring something at an under-market price. How do you feel when you have to pay full price or when the price seems to be beyond the worth of what you’re buying? Even though God is wealthy His gifts to us cost Him everything.

December 16 • “God Gives ENDURING Gifts”
Do you remember receiving a gift that broke or ceased functioning within minutes or hours of receiving it? How disappointing or frustrating that can be. God’s gifts not only last a lifetime but for all eternity.

December 23 • “God Gives ENSURED Gifts”
To receive a gift only to later lose it or have it taken away can be very distressing and even debilitating. God’s gifts to us can neither be lost nor stolen because He personally guards and preserves His gifts.

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December 16, 2012

God Gives ENDURING Gifts

Passage: 1 Peter 1:4 Series: Grace: God is Gifting Us

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December 9, 2012

God Gives EXPENSIVE Gifts

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December 2, 2012


Passage: Romans 5:8 Series: Grace: God is Gifting Us