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September 30th • God is Present to Save
Occasionally when someone is drowning they can be saved by tossing them a line or life ring. The situations that are most perilous demand that a rescuer dive into the water in order save the victim. Humanity’s sinful lostness is most perilous and the good news is that Jesus is present with us to save.

October 7th • God Has Power to Save
The human condition is terminal. Because of our sin nature we are dead to God and condemned. “Fallen-ness” all around us conspires to keep us perishing. God alone has the power to overcome brokenness and the power to save.

October 14th • God Involves People in His Saving Work
Jesus is God who is present to save and has the power to save. However, Jesus purposes to involve His followers (the saved) in His saving work. How does Jesus go about involving others in redemption and what does it look like?

October 21st • God Prevails In Order to Save
Jesus’ mission to atone for sin and conquer death is Good News which is announced by His followers to a needy world. However, there is an “enemy” to Christ’s mission with whom followers contend. The Spirit inserts Himself into the battle and prevails.

October 28th • God Calls the Lost to be Saved
The gift of salvation in Jesus calls for a response; believe and receive life or disbelieve and reject life. Who has heard the call? What is your response?

November 4th • God is Passionate to Save
To what extent would you go to save the life of a dying person? Would you give all your money? Would you liquidate all your assets? Would you give your own life? Jesus surrendered His life and died so that we may live.

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