God at Work in the Neighborhood

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God at Work in the Neighborhood

God is working in our local neighborhood and in our world neighborhood. How will He use you to reach out to those in your neighborhoods?

Feb 3 • The Never-Changing Gospel
Though most things in our contemporary culture are changing in relatively quick fashion the truths and mission of the Gospel remain exactly the same. People are sinners who need a savior. God has entered our world as Savior, seeking out the lost in order to save them. The saved join God in His mission.

Feb 10 • The Ever-Changing World
The world is shrinking into a global neighborhood. Literally many of us have several languages and people groups represented in our cul de sacs, schools and offices. Pluralism and multi-culturalism are the new norm. How is God at work in such a dynamic day?

Feb 17 • The Glory of Christ Changing People
Christ-changed people are more than those with modified behavior. They are transformed internally by God’s Spirit so that they don’t just ACT like they have joy, peace, patience or kindness but have truly been remade to BE joyful, peaceful, patient and kind.

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Feb 10


February 10, 2013

The Ever-Changing World

Speaker: Series: God at Work in the Neighborhood

Feb 3