Following Christ

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Following Christ

WORLD CHRISTIAN FOCUS MONTH How can we pursue Christ where He is already at work in our lives? How do we share the gospel with those around us that we encounter in our day-to-day lives?

Feb 2 • Into The Workplace
You don’t have to pray for God to be in your workplace. He is already there and already at work in the lives of those with whom you work. The prayer of a Christ-follower is, “Lord, help me to see what you’re doing at my place of work so that I might join You in Your activity.” Discover how to pursue Christ into the workplace.

Feb 19 • Into The World Abroad
What is God doing in our world and in what ways is He inviting us to join Him in His activity? In some instances we will travel abroad and in some instances God will bring those of other nations here to us. In both instances God will be at work in redemptive ways. Discover how to pursue Christ into the world abroad.

Feb 16 • Into the Coffee Shop
There is no place that you will ever go that God hasn’t gone there before you and is already at work. Will you see what God is doing in your neighborhood, your fitness center, your school or the store where you shop and join Him in His activity? Discover how to pursue Christ into the coffee shop.