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This February, we’ll remember why losing ourselves is good news and how God is lovingly inviting us to go beyond ourselves for the sake of others. When we begin to look beyond ourselves, God gives new eyes to see the work He is already doing in our world. And He graciously invites us to join in. And when we begin to look beyond ourselves, He empowers us through His Spirit to do what we could never do on our own.

Sermons from this Series

Feb 26


February 26, 2023

Beyond Our Power

Speaker: Ken Flower Passage: John 20:21–23, Acts 1:4–8, Acts 2:1–1

Feb 19


February 19, 2023

Beyond Our Front Door

Speaker: Ken Flower Passage: Matthew 9:35– 10:5

Feb 12


February 12, 2023

Beyond Ourselves

Speaker: Scott Brewer Passage: Mark 8:34–38