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Do you desire to know what the Bible says and how it applies to life?
Engage in a journey of Reading the Bible for Life.

Use a Chronological Reading Plan
You may purchase the chronological Bible: Reading God’s Story
- OR -
You may read from your favorite Bible following this Reading Plan

The plan lays out the entire Bible in chronological order, divides it into 6 daily readings per week for 52 weeks. Daily readings will be 20-30 min. Web links to study tools are below.

The number one predictor of spiritual maturity is whether one spends meaningful, daily time in the Scriptures. Gain an understanding of the Bible’s STORY and how to read the various LITERARY TYPES in the Bible.


How to do a Background Bible Study
• History, Geography, Culture

How Was the Bible Formed?
• Organization, Development

How Do You Interpret the Bible?
• Methods, Principles

What Are the Tools for Bible Study?

Is the Biblical Text Reliable?

Why Are There Several Modern Translations?
• Which is best for you?

A History of Bible Translations

An Online Study Bible
• Study Notes
• Word Study Tool
• Dictionary Tool
• Pronunciation Tool
• Commentary Tool
• Footnotes Tool