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The Nursery ministry of Meadowbrook is an important part of our church, providing the opportunity for parents to relax and enjoy worship services knowing their children are being well cared for by capable and caring workers. It is important to us that your child's needs are met to the very best of our ability. Nursery care is provided for infants through 4 years old during Sunday morning services (and special evening services). Children are separated into two rooms based on age; 0-2 and 2-4 year olds. Upon arriving at Meadowbrook, a Nursery worker will meet you at the classroom door to receive your child, diaper bag and any other necessary items. Please sign in your child and leave any specific instructions you have.


0-2 Year Olds • Cherry Tree Room

Infants/toddlers will delight in simple activities and playtime with others. We appreciate having an accessible diaper bag for your child, with the following items: two or three disposable diapers, a change of clothes and a bottle of milk, formula, juice or water. We provide small snacks, but you are welcome to bring your own snacks and drinks for your child if they are labeled.

We also provide a nursing room, equipped with gliders, changing table, swing, pack-n-play, and television monitor to view the service.

2-4 Year Olds • Apple Tree Room

The 2-4 year olds enjoy Bible lessons and supervised activities to introduce and help grow their faith in Christ. The focus is on simple Bible concepts (God loves me, God wants me to be a good friend, etc) that engage the children and encourage them to practice in their own lives. Small snacks are provided, but feel free to bring your own snacks and drinks that are labeled for your child.


Our Nurseries have a warm, loving environment where a young child can feel comfortable and a parent can feel at ease, but we can contact you during service if your child is inconsolable (via text message or physical notification, whichever you prefer).

At the conclusion of the service, please pick up your child from their classroom—they will not be released to anyone other than a parent (unless given written permission). Please make sure all of your child’s personal items have been returned to you before you leave.

  • Nursery rooms are located near the front entrance (a greeter can further direct you as needed).
  • Please do not drop off your child in Nursery if they show signs of illness.

For more information regarding our Nursery, please contact:

Karen Burns, Nursery Ministry Director