Meadowbrook Student Night

June 11, 2023

5:30pm – 8:00pm

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Every Sunday, students meet to have fun, build friendships, grow together through Gospel-centered teaching and discussion, and talk about life. Led by a gifted team of young professionals who genuinely care, these nights follow a regular rhythm of fun, relationship-building experiences, Gospel-centered teaching, and small group-based discussion (called DNA groups). 

We intentionally structure our Student Nights around the rhythm of "Belonging, Believing, and Becoming":

  1. Belong Nights- Focus on deepening relationships with each other, building trust and vulnerability
  2. Believe Nights- Focus on deepening relationship with God through learning more about Him and spending time with Him
  3. Become Nights (Guy/Girl Groups) - These nights start at 5:30 pm and the girls and guys split up with their mentors to build friendship and talk about how following Jesus shapes their day to day life.
  4. Rest Weeks (No group) - Focus on reflection, taking a step back from group, spending time with family and friends

To learn more or be added to our parent info list, contact our leaders, Gracie Erickson & Jonny Innis