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Meadowbrook Church is an independent, evangelical, Christian church that has chosen to affiliate with Southern Baptists. The affiliation is based upon common beliefs and understanding of the person of God and His self-disclosure as seen in the life of Jesus Christ and recorded in the Bible. Further, the affiliation is based upon a common purpose and mission: to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all the world with the hope of seeing many trust in Christ for salvation from sin and for right relationship with God for all eternity.

A general description of who Baptists are and what they believe is summed up in the following acrostic:

B - The BIBLE is the primary source of understanding of God and authority for the practices of the faith.

A - The AUTONOMY of the local church refers to the self-governance of each local congregation. Baptists are a group of independent churches that choose to relate to one another for purposes of like fellowship and mission without encumbrances from a national or regional denominational body.

P - The PRIESTHOOD of the believer is a conviction that each and every believer has direct access to the person of God through the mediation of Jesus Christ without the necessity of clergy or professional ministers.

T - The practice of TITHING is an important and significant way of worshiping God, growing in His likeness, and maintaining the perspective of God's ownership of all there is in this world.

I - The IMMERSION of believers in Christ, or water baptism, is the practice of Baptists to publicly identify one as a follower of Jesus Christ.

S - The SALVATION of a person is necessary for all people because of personal sin that alienates one from relationship with God and is possible because of the grace and mercy of God. All who will by faith receive Jesus Christ into their life as Lord and Savior will be saved.

T - The TESTIMONY of each believer in Christ is the primary strategy of God to reach out to others who are yet alienated from God and need relationship with Him.

As a result of our affiliation, we support more than 4,000 missionaries in 130 foreign countries; more than 4,000 missionaries in North America; thousands of hospital, military and college chaplains; about 60 Christian colleges; 6 theological seminaries; dozens of Christian camps; a major Christian publishing house; satellite and network television and radio productions; and much more.